Tallahassee Classical Feels Location Will Allow School To Serve "As Many Families As We Could"

Dec 21, 2018

This sign for Tallahassee Classical School is up on the property where its future facility will be, off of Blairstone Road and Orange Avenue in Southeast Tallahassee.
Credit Ryan Dailey / WFSU-FM

Tallahassee Classical School will build its facility off of Blairstone Road and Orange Avenue in Southeast Tallahassee. The permanent building is set for completion in January of 2020.

The school will open to grades K-8 initially, and will operate in a temporary location close to its future permanent facility for its first semester.

The permanent building’s first phase will be 47,000 square feet. A high school wing will be added when the school expands to grades K-12. Adrienne Campbell, one of the school’s founders, says careful consideration went into the search for the property.  

“We have just a really interesting urban sprawl here. And so, no matter where we looked it was inaccessible for one area then the other,” Campbell said. “So, being on a couple major arteries, close to the center of town we felt allowed opportunity to as many families as we could get in the community.”

Some Leon School Board members previously said they hoped the charter would "work with" the district by moving somewhere that serves the Southside and more affluent Northside equally. Open enrollment for the school is underway. Campbell says the school has already enrolled more than half its 450-student capacity for the first year.