Summer Jobs Program A "Capitol" Experience for Leon Student

Jul 2, 2018

Tallahassee’s summer jobs program for young people is growing by leaps and bounds. A big boost is now coming from the Capital City’s non-profit sector.

Leon High School student Jada Harris at her summer job site in Florida's Historic Capitol Building.
Credit Tom Flanigan

One of the students in the program is Jada Morris, who will be a Leon High senior this fall. This summer, she’s working in Florida’s Historic Capitol building.

“It’s my first time having a job and it was a really good experience just to have so far and I hope I can do the program again next year before I graduate,” she said.

Dr. Willie Williams, who heads the program for the Tallahassee Future Leaders’ Academy, said Morris is not alone.

“We’re probably looking at about 230 who are currently employed throughout city departments, non-profits and local private businesses this year,” Williams said, adding that dozens of area non-profits are now in the employer mix.

The students are paid for their work. Nearly 600 young people applied for this summer’s program.