Scott Asks Obama To Declare Federal Emergency

Jun 13, 2016

Gov. Rick Scott is asking the Obama Administration to declare a state of emergency in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, the  worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Gov. Rick Scott is asking President Barack Obama to declare a federal emergency.

Scott’s letter to Obama triggers the 1988 Stafford Disaster and Emergency Relief Act, used to coordinate federal response to natural disasters. It does not name a specific dollar amount.

However, Scott writes, “I will keep you informed of any additional requests we may have for emergency assistance, including additional funds beyond the initial $5,000,000.00”

Scott repeats the president’s description of the slayings as a “horrific massacre.”

“I urge you to declare an emergency under the Stafford Act so that the full resources of the federal government can be made available to the individuals, families and communities impacted by this ‘horrific massacre.’”

The letter asks for “provision of health and safety measures,” and “management, control and reduction of immediate threats to public health and safety.”

It names the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as the chief liaison with the federal government.