Report Suggests Ways To Remove Employment Barriers For Floridians With Criminal Records

Jul 26, 2016

Credit MGN Online

A Florida TaxWatch report is offering some recommendations for Florida when it comes to removing employment barriers for people with criminal records.

Often times, people with criminal records are passed over for employment, and Florida TaxWatch Executive Vice President Robert Weissert says Florida employers should try not to exclude this large group.

“We’re talking about nearly 3 million Floridians have a criminal record,” he said. “Nationwide, about 1 in five people have had an interaction with the criminal justice system. So, that’s pretty much everyone in America knows someone in your family, or on your circle of friends whose had an interaction with the criminal justice system.”

Weissert says employment is key to making sure people successfully reenter back into society. And, he adds Florida could learn from several other states that have had a state agency or a court issue what’s called a “Certificate of Rehabilitation.”

“…which tells future employers and society at large that that individual has been rehabilitated and that they have certain skills and possess characteristics that would make them a good employment candidate, even if they have this criminal record,” he added.

He says Florida could also provide a tax incentive on top of an existing federal tax credit for employers who hire people with criminal records and expand services for inmates behind bars and upon their release.

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