Poll Shows Scott Still Closing Gap In Crist Matchup; Nan Rich Weighs In As Well

Nov 21, 2013

A new poll shows Governor Rick Scott trailing Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist with about a year to go before the 2014 gubernatorial election. The survey also shows there’s good news for Scott, despite Crist’s lead. But, though the poll doesn’t look good for another gubernatorial candidate in the race, she remains undeterred.

Governor Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Matchup

A poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University shows voters prefer former Governor Charlie Crist to current Governor Rick Scott, 47-to-40 percent. But, while Crist remains ahead, it shows as the months go by Scott is narrowing the gap. In March, Crist led by 16 percentage points, and in June, by 10. Now, in November, it’s 7, says Quinnipiac University Polling institute Assistant Director Peter Brown.

“The good news for Charlie Crist is he’s ahead, and being ahead is always better than being behind. The bad news for Charlie Crist and the good news for Rick Scott is that the margin continues to decline,” said Brown.

Still, Scott’s approval remains low, with just 42-percent happy with the job he’s doing. 47-percent disapprove. But, Brown says for Scott to get re-elected he needs to convince voters Crist is not a good Governor.

“And, also needs to convince voters on that question about pragmatists versus core beliefs. If Scott can do that, that’s the potential road to victory for him,” added Brown.

Nan Rich Weighs In On Poll Numbers

Crist also leads his Democratic primary opponent Nan Rich, 60-percent to 12-percent. But, she says she’s not fazed, even though she admits the election is about name recognition.

“Former Governor Crist has run five times statewide. So, I am obviously having to work hard to get people to know my name,” said Rich.

The poll also shows Scott beating Rich 43-35 percent were she to win the primary. Still, Rich says those numbers vary depending on what poll you look at.

“Again, it’s about getting that name recognition up and there was another poll, a PPP poll that had us in a statistical dead heat. So, those numbers fluctuate,” added Rich.

But, Rich says she’s not trying to get ahead of herself because she’s awaiting the final outcome of the Democratic gubernatorial primary on August 26th, 2014.

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