Planning for Tallahassee's Bicentennial Underway

Jan 29, 2020

Tallahassee marks its 200th anniversary in less than 4 years. Planning for the big celebration is now underway.

Tallahassee Historical Society President Bob Holladay invites public input on the Bicentennial celebration.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The Tallahassee Historical Society hosted a community bicentennial discussion the morning of January 29th at the R.A. Gray Building. Planning Committee Chair Beth McGrotha said there were lots of great ideas.

“So many ideas that I hadn’t thought of,” she said excitedly, “Like a ‘greatest hits of the bicentennial.’ What a great music program that would be!”

One goal is for the party to be inclusive. FAMU History Professor Larry Rivers is one of the event planners and noted nearly half of Florida’s population was African-American around the time Tallahassee came to be.

“We have to make sure that their lives are included in the Bicentennial,” he asserted.

Visit Tallahassee’s Kerri Post who put together 2013’s LaFlorida statewide celebration is also on the team.

“We got a few years. We’re going to get this right. It’s going to be great!” she insisted.

Celebration suggestions can be made on the Tallahassee Historical Society web site: