PBA Praises Budget Chief's Pay Raise Priority

Oct 3, 2016

One of the state’s largest police unions is singing the praises of incoming Senate budget chairman Jack Latvala.

Incoming Senate budget chair Jack Latvala, a Clearwater Republican, is vowing to make state worker pay raises a top priority.

The Clearwater Republican is promising to make state employee pay raises his top priority when he takes control of the purse strings next session.

Florida Police Benevolent Association executive director Matt Puckett says Latva’s words are music to his ears.

“It’s wonderful to hear that the appropriations chair of the Senate is committed to this and I thought he was very strong in his commitment. He said it was his number one personal priority.”

The PBA is fighting to wrestle representation of state’s 17 thousand prison guards from the Teamsters in an upcoming union vote.

There has been no across the board state worker pay raises since 2013.