Noted Director Now Calls the Rose City Home; Will Screen New Film at Covey Film Festival

Oct 3, 2017

Thomasville’s Covey Film Festival kicks off this week and continues through the 27th of this month. The creator of a much acclaimed new movie that hasn’t even had its premiere yet will be on hand for the festival.


That movie-maker is Michael Carney. His first feature length film is entitled “Same Kind of Different as Me.” It stars Renee Zellweger and Greg Kinnear.

“Debbie Hall, who is the Renee Zellweger character, really was the ignition of the film,” Carney said. “And her husband Ron Hall was kind of being a player and he cheated on her. And she displayed this amazing forgiveness and forgave him, but wasn’t going to let him get off the hook that easy.”

It was then, Carney said, that a third individual entered the picture.

“Through service, they met a lonely drifter; a homeless guy and the three of them became the most unlikely of friends. And it was not easy by any means, but through this incredible process it changed all their lives and we’re seeing it change the lives of people who actually see the film, too.”

Carney admitted this touching and somewhat low-key tale of simple human kindness isn’t like today’s typical Hollywood blockbuster with action heroes and computer-generated explosions.

“Look that’s fine,” he acknowledged. “People go and escape and I get that. I just had the amazing opportunity to tell this story. It wasn’t on my radar at all! I was in the process of doing a big action film. But it’s amazing how God shifts you in a different direction and it’s something that’s really touched my heart dearly.”

Carney saw the movie’s central message dovetailing perfectly with the Covey Film Festival.

“You go out there and you see the need and you get your hands dirty. And our film deals with that in a real way and that’s what all the proceeds from Covey for the Thomasville Community Resource Center and it’s amazing what they’re doing there as well.”

Carney’s film, “Same Kind of Different as Me”, will be screened towards the end of the Covey Film Festival on October 26.

“I’m honored to be a part of it and I feel really excited about it,” he said with obvious relish. “I’ve met so many good people down here and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in these parts. I’d come down to scout for a film I was doing and fell in love with Thomasville. So my wife and I actually bought a house down here so we’re in the thick of it now with a couple kids and not dealing with three hours of traffic in L.A. every single day.”

Filmaker – and now Thomasville resident – Michael Carney. Just part of the Fifth Covey Film Festival in Thomasville, October5th through the 27th. Your preview is online at: