NoPetro, Leon schools break ground on natural gas fueling facility

Feb 7, 2012

A different kind of gas station is being built on Tallahassee’s west side.  Tom Flanigan reports this station will dispense natural gas, both for Leon County school buses and anyone else who wants to use it….

Hundreds of people ignored the occasional raindrops to attend Tuesday’s groundbreaking near the corner of Capital Circle and Highway Twenty.  Governor Rick Scott even added the occasion to his schedule.

“People come up with ideas like this to make sure we save money and hopefully in this case even the school district is going to make some money if everybody uses this.”

Leon School Superintendent Jackie Pons noting the district is just one factor behind the facility:

“This private/public partnership, reaching out to the private sector in order to bring clean energy into our community.”

George Herrera’s firm NoPetro is building the station as a template for what he says will be many across Florida and beyond.

“We’ll lead to dramatic savings for all the operators that start consuming natural gas at our publicly-accessible facility.”

The compressed natural gas filling station should be serving its first customers sometime this August.