More "Follows" and "Likes" Can Help Local Businesses

Mar 26, 2020

An online effort to help Tallahassee businesses through "likes" and "follows" is underway.

Shop Tally Founder Barbara Westcott

It's the brainchild of Shop Tally founder Barbara Westcott. She explained web commerce monsters such as Amazon derive a surprising amount of revenue from the "follows" they generate; something she said the locals can do as well.

"And the idea there is to get everybody to start following all the businesses in our community." Hence the idea of the "Friday Followthon."

She was urging area residents to follow hometown firms and for the businesses to connect with Shop Tally's Facebook page to generate even more local customer connections.

"We're offering it completely free to the community. It's just a community resource. We're doing everything we can to keep customers and businesses doing business."

At least, virtually.