Leon County Schools To Remain Open This Week

Sep 6, 2017

All Leon County Schools will remain open this week. Based on the projected path of Hurricane Irma, county officials say there is less chance of severe weather affecting the district Friday. 

Credit college library/ flickr / https://www.flickr.com/photos/collegelibrary/

After-school activities and events will remain normal as well. State agencies will be closed Friday in order to let workers prepare for the storm. County schools will accept excused absences for that day.

According to the district, Superintendent Rocky Hanna and other officials have been in contact with Governor Rick Scott, State Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, as well as the local emergency operations center.

The district says it will re-evaluate its plan throughout the weekend as the storm approaches. In the meantime, officials are encouraging parents to prepare, not to panic. Students and parents can monitor updates on the Leon County Schools’ website and social media pages.