Lawmakers Give Greenlight To Smokable Medical Marijuana

Mar 13, 2019

Credit Alejandro Forero Cuervo / Flickr

State Lawmakers beat the deadline given to them by Gov. Ron DeSantis today(Wednesday) and sent him a bill that would allow patients to smoke medical marijuana.

If they hadn’t, DeSantis said he would have allowed the courts to remove the ban on smoking, House Sponsor Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R-Fort Myers) wanted to avoid that.

"This bill is important, because if we do not pass this bill then the guard rails that we have placed around smoking of medical marijuana will not exist," said Rodrigues.

Now with the smoking ban lifted, lawmakers will turn to other medical marijuana issues. Bills filed in both chambers address decriminalization, affordability and dismantling the current vertical integration system.

Among the passage of the bill WFSU's Tom Flannigan and Blaise Gainey spoke about the details on Capitol Report.