House Panel Approves Driver's License Assistance For Foster Kids

Feb 16, 2017

Logyn Robinson
Credit Florida Channel

The Florida House is taking steps to ensure foster kids can get their driver’s license.

Lawmakers established Keys to Independence in 2014 as a three year pilot program to help foster youth get behind the wheel.  The program covers fees, driver’s education and insurance.  Logyn Robinson is a senior in a Bradenton high school who lives in foster care group home.

“Though I already obtained my learner’s permit before coming into state care,” Robinson says, “it is relieving to know that I or my peers will not be constrained from acquiring a driver’s license.”

Esperanza Harb
Credit Florida Channel

Esperanza Harb is 18 and entered the foster system two years ago.

“Just two years ago I did not want to learn how to drive,” Harb says, “knowing how crazy people drive—how people text and drive.  With Keys to Independence they offered me double time behind the wheel before I got my license so I could be prepared.”

Rep. Jennifer Sullivan (R-Mount Dora) is backing the measure to make the pilot permanent.  Her proposal also extends coverage for six months after recipients turn 18.