Governor Wants Two-Million For Teacher Training

Oct 11, 2012

By 2015 almost all of the nation’s public school students will be learning the same things when it comes to math and language arts. And they, along with their teachers, will face a learning curve. Teachers will have to be trained on how to teach the new standards, called the Common Core.  And Governor Rick Scott says he wants lawmakers to put $2 million dollars into a matching grant program to fund the training programs.

“My experience in business is that to help your employees get better, you have to make sure you put them in a position to do a good job in developing what their skills are,” he said.

Earlier in the year, the Governor vetoed money to fund a panhandle area education group that runs teacher training programs for school districts that can’t afford it. The Common Core program is already in place for kindergartners and will be expanded to higher grade levels in the next few years.