Gov. Scott Asks Feds To Extend Red Snapper Season

Jun 8, 2016

Red Snapper
Credit Jon Connell via Wikimedia Commons

For fishing aficionados, Tropical Storm Colin came at a particularly bad time.  The storm cut into federal red snapper season and the governor is looking for an extension.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is calling on federal officials to extend the nine-day red snapper season in the wake of Tropical Storm Colin.  In a letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Scott points out storm conditions likely kept many Florida anglers from fishing in federal waters.   He’s asking for an extra weekend of fishing before July 1.  The nine day federal waters season is only for the Gulf of Mexico—in the Atlantic there’s no fishing season at all this year.  The state season is much longer—78 days, but it only extends nine nautical miles from shore.