Former Gilchrist Principal Reprimanded, Moved To District Over Relationship With Teacher

Aug 31, 2018

The former principal of Gilcrist Elementary School has been reassigned to district headquarters following an investigation into a relationship he had with a teacher at the school. 

David Solz, former Gilchrist Principal, has been moved to the district office and faces an ethics reprimand after self-reporting a relationship with a married teacher at his school.
Credit Leon County Schools

David Solz is being reprimanded for violating the state department of education’s ethics code.

Leon County School spokesman Chris Petley says Solz will keep the same pay and is assigned to the district’s department of teaching and learning. He’ll be tasked with helping turnaround Pineview and Oakridge Elementary. The schools are under pressure to improve their student performance or face being turned over to charter school operators.

The Leon County School Board has is working on crafting a policy on nepotism and fraternization. It’s set a public hearing for September 25th.