Fla. Officials Still Working To Implement Components Of New School Safety Law

Jun 28, 2018

Credit Pexels

With a new law in place, Florida officials are still working to implement a lot of its components to ensuring the safety of Florida’s schools to avoid tragedies like the mass school shooting in Parkland.

Included in the new law is the creation of the Office of Safe Schools within the Florida Department of Education. The Department’s Vice Chancellor of Florida’s K-12 schools Jacob Oliva recently talked about that to members of the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet.

“Part of that office’s role is to going to be to provide professional development to school districts and active shooter trainings, and to develop and implement school safety specialist training programs for school safety specialists,” he said, at the time. “So, every school district now will have a designated school safety specialist that will have some requirements for training that they will have to attend to and then they would be the overseer of some of the work with some of the school safety training and implementation of plans within the local school districts.”

Last month, Damien Kelly was appointed as the Office of Safe Schools’ director. He previously worked for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a public corruption inspector.

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