'Festivus' Pole Will Poke Fun At President-Elect

Dec 9, 2016

A “Festivus” pole will reappear in the Florida Capitol this year as a mock holiday celebration after officials granted a request by free-speech advocates with the Religious Liberty Project. 

Free-speech activist Chaz Stevens is bringing another "Festivus" pole to the Florida Capitol.

Executive director Chaz Stevens says this year’s display focuses on President-elect Donald Trump and his recent call to strip flag burners of their citizenship.

The five-foot pole is shorter than last year, a reference to the president elect’s hands, which became an issue in the campaign.

“It’s wrapped in an American flag, but upside down American flag. That flag is a signal of distress. The pole this year is topped with the infamous red, ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.”

Stevens says the base of the display will be surrounded by a miniature fence, a reference to Trump’s immigration policy.