Dunn Holds Congressional Seat, Beats Rackleff

Nov 6, 2018

Rep. Neal Dunn won his reelection bid against Democrat Bob Rackleff.
Credit Neal Dunn for Congress

Rep. Neal Dunn (R) will be returning to Congress for another term. Dunn bested Bob Rackleff (D) in the race for Florida’s second congressional district.

Bob Rackleff  more than held his own in Leon County, but the conservative panhandle proved more than he conquer.

The former Leon County commissioner worked until the end to turn out voters, knocking on doors until 5 p.m. on Election Day.

“The get out the vote effort here has been the best I’ve seen since the 2008 election when Barrack Obama was elected," said Dunn. "It’s really been a team effort, not just by my campaign but by the Florida Democratic Party, the Gillum campaign, the Nelson campaign, local candidates. It’s really been all out.”

Dunn  breezed past Rackleff by a comfortable 35 percent.

The district is the largest in the state and went nearly two-thirds for President Trump in 2016.