Community Conversation on Healthcare Inequality

Nov 8, 2019

An interactive town hall on health care disparity filled a large conference room at Florida State University's Foundation Building the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 6. The focus was on providing health care equity, especially for minority women and children.

A large conference room at the Florida State University Foundation Building was the site of the healthcare equity discussion.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Harvard University's Dr. Camara Jones joined the Tallahassee forum by Internet connection. Among the in person panelists was FSU's Penny Ralston who directs the Center on Better Health and Life.

“I’m very hopeful!” she exclaimed in the wake of the meeting. “This was a wonderful night to bring out this many people to talk about health.”

The large audience included many organizations devoted to improving health outcomes, especially for low-income families and people of color, which remain consistently – and persistently – more negative than among white, more affluent residents . Miaisha Mitchell who heads the Frenchtown Revitalization Council sees more cooperation and collaboration among these groups solving the problem.

“It’s about relationships,” she opined. “People need to know and get together with each other, do things together and commit to long-term hard work.”