Capitol Rally Opposes President Trump's Immigration Policy

Jul 2, 2018

Rallies calling for an end to the separation of immigrant families happened across the country on Saturday. Florida's Historic Old Capitol was the scene of one such gathering.

Protestors gathered near the eastern steps of the Historic Florida Capitol.
Credit Tom Flanigan

There were hundreds of people, most waving signs opposing the Trump administration's recent border policy. Many of the speakers were local clergy, like Dr. Latricia Edwards Scriven from the FAMU Wesley Foundation.

"We cannot sit back and allow one injustice to be traded for another one," she urged the crowd, which cheered and applauded.

Florida Fifth District Congressman, Democrat Al Lawson, placed much of the blame in the laps of his Washington colleagues.

"It's resonating around the world by the way we're treating kids and their parents and congress really hasn't done anything in the last 20-30 years on immigration issues," Lawson said, adding that situation could change if politicians realize that protestors are also voters.