Bradfordville Blues Club Benefit Packs 'Em in at The Moon

Jul 9, 2018

A July 7 benefit concert for the storm-damaged Bradfordville Blues Club brought a sell-out crowd to The Moon.

Long before the doors opened, there were long lines of Bradfordville Blues Club fans waiting for the benefit concert.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The lines stretched far out into the Moon's parking lot Saturday as people like Dave Hodges waited to get inside. He said he was happy to support the continued existence of the club that's given him and his friends so much enjoyment over the years.

"I've been there a number of times and have taken people from out-of-town there for the experience. After they figure out what's going on and hear the music, I've had a lot of folks who have become fans."

Meanwhile, utterly amazed by the hundreds of fans showing up for the benefit was Bradfordville Blues Club owner Gary Anton.

"Beautiful!" he exclaimed, looking out at the crowds waiting to get in. "It's just wonderful this community support for music."

And now Anton saids his club, fully restored to its funky glory, will re-open the night of July 20th. The featured artist, young Tampa up-and-coming blues star Selwyn Birchwood.