Bill Expunging Certain Juveniles' Criminal Records Signed Into Law

Mar 14, 2016

Credit MGN Online

Among the many bills Governor Rick Scott signed into law last week is a measure expunging the criminal records of certain juvenile offenders.

Sen. Nancy Detert (R-Venice) says she’s glad the Governor signed her bill automatically expunging minors’ records, when they reach 21. That’s if they apply and are not serious or habitual offenders.

“It’s a great feeling,” she said. “I’m glad we got it done so quickly this year, and I’m glad the Governor supported it. I think it makes sense for everyone. So, this would be a great bill. It will automatically fall off, if all you did was a minor juvenile offense. You shouldn’t have to carry that into adulthood.”

And, she even has a nickname for her bill.

“I call it the ‘Mother’s Helper’ bill,” Detert added. “Every mom has been to the police station to pick up their kid who toilet papered a house, or in my case, my son was five, and rode his bike over three sheets of drywall.”

She says both her and her son thought that had fallen off his record, until he had applied for his first job. The new law takes effect July 1st.

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