Big Bend Sees Gains, Holding Steady In School Grades

Jun 27, 2018

The Florida Department of Education has released its annual report card on schools and the Big Bend is boasting some strong turnarounds.

This past school year was the first for  Jefferson County Somerset Academy.  Under pressure from the state, the district was forced to consolidate its elementary and middle-high schools following after a decade of poor performance. Wednesday the Department of Education released school grades and Jefferson Somerset elementary and middle schools improved a letter grade to a “C”, while the high school earned a “B”.  Before consolidation, Jefferson toggled between "D" and "F" grades.

Meanwhile, Gadsden County saw one of its schools jump significantly. George Munroe Elementary earned an “A”—a significant leap from the failing grade it got a year before.

Performance largely stayed the same in Florida's capital county. Leon County, with the exception of Pineview Elementary school, which received an "F". In April, the Leon County School district appointed a new principal and assistant principal to lead Pineview. The district says it anticipated the school’s performance would drop.