Art Show Benefits Non-Profits

Feb 25, 2019

The Tallahassee Women's Club at Los Robles was turned into a combined art gallery and art studio on Sunday, Feb. 24. The proceeds helped several local charities.

A total of 27 area artists had their works on display.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The Tallahassee Junior Womens Club's Jacque Foster ticked off the names of the show and sale's beneficiaries.

"Pyramid Studios, they're out here and everything they get, they keep," she explained. "And then we have Sleep in Heavenly Peace, one of our new projects, is also here. We're collecting donations for them as well as the Hope Community and Kids Incorporated."

Also benefiting were the 27 participating artists, such as painter Jim Russell.

"It's really neat just to be able to talk with people one-on-one about the thoughts that went behind the painting and the process of it. Not to mention the fact I meet all these artists out here, too."

Russell was creating art on the spot. As was Japanese ink brush master Ann Kozeliski.

"And that really gives value to the works that people buy," she said. "Because they have ownership of it; they've seen how it's produced."

This was the 4th year the Tallahassee Junior Womens Club has hosted its Spring into Art event.