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Final Presidential Debate Sways Some Undecided Voters

The final presidential debate played out at Lynn University, a small school in Boca Raton. It was a treat for a lucky group of students, who were picked through a lottery to see the debate live in person. Some of them said the debate helped them decide who they want to see as president.

Student, Louis Davis said the final debate confirmed what he was feeling all along even though he’s a registered independent.

“After seeing this debate and seeing all the different debates, I honestly feel like Barack Obama has our country best in mind as far as foreign policy, education and that home in with college students,” Davis said.

However Fernando Arias said even though he’s a registered Republican he thought both candidates made good points during the debate.

“Well, you know I, I guess I will vote for Romney you know why simply because I know Obama is going to win,” Arias said.

Arias said he just relates more to the Republican point of view.