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Progressive Group: Romney-Ryan Budget Would Cost Fla. Retirees, Middle Class More

Tom Perriello
Jessica Palombo

A progressive advocacy group has released a report titled “The Real Cost of the Romney-Ryan Budget to Floridians.” The group says, under Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s proposals, millions of Floridians would pay more for services they already receive.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund CEO Tom Perriello spoke in Tallahassee on Wednesday. He said, Romney’s proposed federal spending cap would require deep cuts in several areas.

“By talking about capping overall federal spending at a certain percent, 20 percent of GDP, if you keep Social Security constant and you increase defense, everything else has to be cut by an average of 40 percent," he said.

Periello said cuts could come in Medicaid, transportation and veterans’ benefits.

He said, Romney’s proposed tax breaks for the very wealthy, repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and voucherization of Medicare for new enrollees all could add up to a higher cost that Florida retirees and middle class might have to pay for their existing benefits.

But Romney says, his plan would balance the federal budget and create 12 million jobs over four years.