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Rubio talks immigration and voter purge on NPR

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is defending Florida’s Voter purge.  reports Rubio made the statements on NPR’s Diane Rehm show Thursday where he also discussed his positions on immigration.

Senator Marco Rubio says he believes Florida’s attempt to purge its voter rolls of non-citizens is a good thing.

“I think no one could argue against the idea that the voter rolls should be pure and the only people who should be voting in the U.S. are those who are legally able to vote,” Rubio told WAMU’s Diane Rehm. “Now, if people think the WAY Florida is trying to improve its voter rolls is wrong, then I’m open minded on a better way to do it. But in terms of whether we should do it or not, I think that’s absurd. I think absolutely.”  

Florida recently won access to a federal database to help identify potentially illegal voters and Florida’s Supervisors of Elections are waiting on instruction from the state before they go forward.

The Senator also expounded on his views about immigration.

Rubio says he supports a plan that allows illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to remain in the county if they graduate from college or join the military.  But Florida’s Junior Senator doesn’t support the way President Barack Obama bypassed congress and implemented the so-called DREAM ACT through an executive order.

“On the one hand, America needs to have immigration laws, and I think we need to remind everyone that there is no right to illegally immigrate to the United States.  You don’t have a right to do that. On the other hand, America has always had a legacy of compassion for those who find themselves here in difficult circumstances even if they’re not in technical compliance.”

Rubio said he supports the federal E-Verify system for employers, as well as Arizona’s controversial “show me your papers” law, but doesn’t believe the law is a model for all states. He says Congress needs to craft a stronger immigration policy.

Rubio is widely considered as a potential Vice Presidential Candidate for Mitt Romney.  He’s making the rounds promoting his new book. 

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