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In-Depth Discussion: FAMU Hosts Symposium On Threatened Waterways

Florida State Parks

A group of local scientists and environmentalists met Friday to discuss the health and conditions of Northwest Florida’s waterway. The group is concerned about how state officials are handling water issues.

Robert “Skip” Livingston is a retired Florida State University biologist, and he’s concerned with what he believes is a pattern of imbalance within the waterways of the Big Bend region.

“Our governor and our legislature say, ‘there is no such thing as climate change.’ And that the officials have said, ‘no one’s allowed to say the words’ in all the state agencies,” Livingston said. “I know this for a fact, because one of my graduate students called me and said, he couldn’t talk to me anymore because if he talked to me, they’d fire him.”

Livingston kicked off the Apalachicola River and Bay System Workshop at Florida A&M University. The river is the subject of ongoing legislation efforts, and a lawsuit with Georgia over water use.