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Fla. Gov. Reverses Course With Proposed Election Law Changes

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is proposing three changes he’d like to see in the laws governing how the state runs its elections. The changes reverse some of the election law reforms that Scott signed into law two years ago.

Scott’s office released a statement saying the proposed changes are meant to "restore Floridians' confidence in our election system."

  • First, he wants the number of early voting days to remain at a minimum of eight, and then he’d let local supervisors decide if they want up to 14.
  • He also wants more and larger early voting locations, as they see the need.
  • And finally, he wants a shorter ballot, with shorter summaries of proposed amendments.

The proposals come after legislative committees heard from elections supervisors this week about what went wrong in their counties. Those committees continue hearing testimony and have not yet crafted election reform bills.