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Fla Voters Grateful For In-Person Absentee Voting Monday

Sascha Cordner

Early Voting in Florida may have officially ended Saturday, but several Supervisors of Elections opened polling locations on Monday to allow for in-person absentee voting. People who showed up at the Leon County Courthouse said they’re grateful they avoided voting on Election Day.

The line at the Leon County Courthouse Saturday was so long, it circulated around the building and down the street, with people waiting for hours. But, Monday was a stark contrast for voters, like Stephen McDaniel, who stood in line for only a couple of minutes.

“I went to early vote Saturday, and there was a two and half hour long line," said McDaniel. "Glad I was able to get it done today! Heard about it from some office coworkers.”

McDaniel says he’s also relieved he didn’t have to wait on Election Day.

“It probably would have been a much longer wait,” he remarked.

Leon County is one of seven Florida counties that had in-person absentee voting Monday. Broward County became the 7th county, after Florida Democrats filed a federal lawsuit and won to allow in-person absentee voting through Tuesday.

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