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Wood Pushes Recess For Leon County Schools

Leon County Schools

New Leon County School Board member Rosanne Wood sees opportunity in recent moves to expand recess in schools.

Florida lawmakers are trying again to pass a bill requiring recess in elementary schools, and the Orange County School District recently jumped ahead of legislation—passing its own rules mandating recess for grades kindergarten through five. Leon school board member and former Sail High School Principal Rosanne Wood believes the school district should be trying to get ahead of the issue before the state makes it mandatory:

“I would like to put this forward as a policy that we could look at in the future and talk about. So that’s what I am going to share," she said.

Recess is optional in the Leon County school district. A proposal to provide kids with 100 minutes of free play a week failed in the legislature last year, but a group calling itself the recess moms have vowed to fight for it again.