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Education Adequacy Lawsuit A Windfall For Jeb, As He Returns To Advocacy Group

Jeb Bush/ facebook

After a stint on the campaign trail, former Governor Jeb Bush is returning to run his education advocacy group. The state’s win in the courts this week could make homecoming a little sweeter.

Jeb Bush’s return to the Foundation for Excellence in Education coincides with a victory for the system he helped build. This week a Leon County judge rejected a lawsuit challenging the way the state funds public ed. The far-reaching suit critiqued many of the reforms of the past 15 years, including private vouchers and school choice. Then-Governor Bush first enacted those policies, spurring a shift towards privatization. Patricia Levesque heads the Foundation.

“Giving parents choice, measuring and making sure our systems are focused on each and every’s a support for those types of policies. And we’re just thrilled that there’s been an acknowledgement of that through this decision,” she said.

Levesque says Judge George Reynolds' decision affirms the reforms made since Bush's administration.

“His ruling really makes it clear that the actions and policies that have been put in place in Florida are working. That Florida students have made incredible progress and that we’re on a path to continue to do what is right for our kids,” she said.

Legislative leaders are also calling the decision a victory, but challengers say they will appeal.