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On Education, Romney And Obama Not That Different

The focus of this year’s Presidential race has been the economy and which candidate—President Barack Obama or GOP nominee Mitt Romney—is better suited to deal with it. What isn’t making campaign headlines this time around is education. And when it comes to education policy, both men share similar ideas that have been promoted by Florida’s former Governor, Jeb Bush.

Ideas like teacher merit pay and school choice form the basis of President Obama’s education policies.  They’ve also been endorsed in Mitt Romney’s education platform. And at the center of those ideas is Jeb Bush, who enacted similar reforms while serving as Florida’s Governor. In his address to Republican convention goers, Bus h talked about the need for education reform and its role in shoring up the nation’s economy.

“We must have high academic standards that are benchmarked to the best in the world. You see, all kids can learn. Governor Romney believes it and the approves it. When he was governor, Massachusetts raised standards and today their students lead the nation in academic performance," Bush said.

Education hasn’t been at the top of the presidential talking points this election cycle, but Romney did release a white paper in the summer outlining his education policy platform.