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Bill Would Tie Evaluations With Teacher Pay

By Lynn Hatter


Tallahassee, FL – A bill that would tie teacher pay and evaluations to standardized tests like the FCAT is under fire from the teacher's union. The union says the bill would put undue stress on teachers, but proponents say tying teacher pay to how well students perform is supported by President Obama.

The Florida Education Association, the state teachers union, on Monday came out publically against the bill. Union President Andy Ford called it nothing but a political game.

"When you look at it, it's kind of strange that this is a Republican bill. It eliminates local control. It has unfunded mandates, and it's not something that Republicans usually talk about. This is just an attack on teachers."

But Republican bill sponsor John Thrasher of Jacksonville says this isn't political. He says it's about having good teachers in place. He also points to the Race to the Top Program and President Obama. He says the same policies the FEA is against are those that are endorsed by the President, who has made teacher pay and performance a priority through Race to the Top.