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A Roundup Of Mueller Report Reactions


And this past week, we finally got the long-anticipated Mueller report, which didn't seem to resolve much of what the country has been divided over for the past two years.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And this is the day, for nearly two years, that many Americans have been waiting for...

WILLIAM BARR: Good morning, everybody, and thanks for being here this morning.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: ...Where Attorney General William Barr is about to speak to reporters about the special counsel's report.

BARR: We now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I'm having a good day, too. It was called...


TRUMP: ...No collusion, no obstruction.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: That report makes very clear that this White House and this president and none of us got in their way.

NANCY PELOSI: For the attorney general, though, to say, I'll use my own judgment about what I redact - that's not necessarily going to be the final product.

MITCH MCCONNELL: I trust Bill Barr. I think it's rather laughable to see them turn their guns on him. But that's all they're left with, frankly, is to go after him.

JERRY NADLER: The special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president. And the responsibility now falls to Congress to hold the president accountable for his actions.

MARK MEADOWS: I think it's highly inappropriate for Bob Mueller to suggest impeachment in coded words.

ELIZABETH WARREN: Do you believe that that constitutes an impeachable offense? I do believe that the evidence is just overwhelming. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro is the host of Weekend Edition Sunday and one of the hosts of NPR's morning news podcast Up First. She is infamous in the IT department of NPR for losing laptops to bullets, hurricanes, and bomb blasts.