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Tell Us How You Will Find Peace In 2013


Looking ahead to the new year, we would like to know if you are planning to make a change in an effort to bring peace into your life. It could be anything: trying to reconcile with someone with whom you are estranged, cutting up your credit cards, cleaning out the garage or making plans for a weekly date night. Whatever it is, if the intention is to bring peace to your life, we'd like to hear about it

You can email us, send us a message on Facebook or tweet us your thoughts using the hashtag #TMMPeace. We'll see what people come up with, and you might just hear your idea on a future program. Again, that's hashtag #TMMPeace on Twitter. And as always, to tell us more about anything on your mind, you can visit us on Facebook or on Twitter. Our handle is @TELLMEMORENPR. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.