transgender bathrooms

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While the bathroom has lately become the site of heated political debate, Florida’s school administrators are getting caught in the crossfire.  They’re facing opposition no matter what choice they make.

Civil rights protections for the LGBT community will have to wait until at least next year.
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Political candidates are wading into the growing fight over who can use which bathroom. The Obama administration says students can use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity—not their biology. And that’s gotten some districts, and politicians, riled up.

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The debate over transgender students and bathrooms has proven fodder for politicians—many of them conservative—running in this year’s election.  A state attorney candidate in Jacksonville is throwing himself into the center of the conflict.

North Florida Congressional Candidate Mary Thomas has joined a growing number of conservative voices opposing a federal directive on public school bathrooms.

UPDATE, 6:58 p.m.: Late Wednesday afternoon, a Bondi spokesman released a two-sentence letter addressed to Adkins denying the request. 

"We do not issue opinions on federal law," the letter concludes. It is signed by Deputy Attorney General Kent Perez.