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Should Florida’s prisons fully ban the use of tobacco products? A recent study recommends that change as one solution to the Florida Department of Corrections’ contraband problem.

Capital Report: 12-05-2014

Dec 5, 2014

Florida recently received rulings in two cases the state’s governor had heavily supported. Both the cases reaffirm rulings against the state, but Regan McCarthy reports some doubt the findings will keep Governor Rick Scott from pushing both the cases forward.

John Mills represents the Soffer family.
Gavel to Gavel

Thousands of tobacco cases are working their way through the Florida judicial system.  These so-called ‘progeny’ cases come from a mid-1990s class action lawsuit known as Engle.  Although the case went against tobacco manufacturers, in 2006 the Florida Supreme Court split the class of smokers up to determine financial damages.  But two cases that came before the Supreme Court this week show the matter is far from settled.

Rockenbach represents the Ciccone family who are arguing for inclusion in the class of smokers from an earlier ruling.
Gavel to Gavel /

The tobacco company R.J. Reynolds came before the Florida Supreme Court Thursday in two back-to-back liability cases.  Even though the cases raise different questions, they both spring from a class action suit begun in mid-nineties.

The two tobacco cases stem from the so-called Engle case.   Engle started as a class action lawsuit, and the courts eventually did rule against the tobacco companies. But to award damages, the state Supreme Court decided to split the class up, leading to thousands of individual cases like the two heard Thursday. 

Wakulla County Set To Vote On Flavored Tobacco Ban Repeal

Jan 22, 2013

The Wakulla County Commission is meeting Tuesday to consider repealing a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco before it even goes in to effect.  The Commission is revisiting the debate for a second time after it passed an ordinance to ban the substance in November.

The original county ordinance bans the sale of flavored tobacco products in any establishment that is opened to any one under the age of 21.  Wakulla County Commissioner, Dr. Howard Kessler, said he agrees with the spirit of the law.