Tallahassee City Commission Seat One

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Race tension across the country has city officials looking for ways to reunite their communities. The candidates for Tallahassee City Commission Seat one discussed their solutions on Monday’s Political Perspectives show.

Maddox Wins City Commission Seat

Nov 7, 2012
LHatter / WFSU

Former Tallahassee Mayor Democrat Scott Maddox is returning to local politics after beating his Republican rival for an open city commission seat. The race was supposed to be non-partisan, but not only did party affiliation play a major role, the  race also got personal and at times, downright nasty.

The race for the Leon County Commission Seat one has been heated from the start. Scott Maddox filed an ethics complaint against Steve Stewart that was later dropped, and both sides have accused the other of dirty politics. And in a joint appearance on WFSU’s Perspectives Program Thursday, the two carried on their political sparring match, with Maddox making the first dig:


Steve Stewart and Scott Maddox are heading into a runoff in November. The two are vying for the hotly-contested City Commission One seat, being vacated by outgoing Commissioner Mark Mustian. The race has gotten even more contentious in the last few weeks with both candidates accusing the other of playing dirty.