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The same poll that shows Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott in a hypothetical matchup in next year’s Florida governor’s race also shows Floridians overwhelmingly support marijuana use for medicinal purposes, but aren’t in favor of changing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Peter Brown is the Assistant Director of Quinnipiac University’s Polling Institute, which conducted the survey.

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After a legislative bid to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law failed this week, the focus now turns to whether opponents of the existing law will now throw their weight behind a proposal aimed at tweaking the law.

Thursday’s five-hour hearing saw each side literally going back and forth between the pros and cons of Stand Your Ground. Law enforcement agencies opposed the repeal, including Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley.

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A bill aiming to repeal Stand Your Ground was rejected during an almost five-hour hearing Thursday.

Many spoke in favor and against repealing the law. Among those who testified during the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee meeting included the Dream Defenders and the National Rifle Association.

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On the eve of a vote on a bill that would repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, some House Democrats are split: Try to change the law or put an end to it altogether?

U.S. Senators Tuesday sparred on Capitol Hill over Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The Congressional hearing to review the law also included personal testimony from some affected by it.

The Mothers Share Their Stories

“I appear before you because my son Jordan was shot and killed last November while sitting in the back seat of his friends car listening to loud music,” said Lucia McBath.

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A widely-anticipated hearing on a bill that would repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law will happen the next time Florida lawmakers come to Tallahassee for a committee week.

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A House committee has named a date when it’ll discuss a bill that would repeal Florida's Stand Your Ground law. The scheduling was announced the same week as a Tallahassee forum where critics weighed in about the controversial law.

Capital Report: 10-18-2013

Oct 18, 2013

The great Federal Government Shutdown of 2013 is now history.  Some state governments jumped in to help cover some of the gaps as federal resources dried up.  In Florida, though, Governor Rick Scott directed the state’s agency heads not to use state money to keep federally-funded programs going as the federal shutdown persisted.  That despite the state’s expected budget surplus in the coming year. As Regan McCarthy reports, that leaves some questioning whether the governor’s actions are politically motivated.

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Trayvon Martin’s father visited Tallahassee Thursday as part of a forum at Florida A and M University discussing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.The forum, part of FAMU's Homecoming week, was called “Stand Your Ground law: Where Do We Go From Here?”

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Another Florida lawmaker has filed a bill to make changes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Miami Senator Dwight Bullard says his goes further than a bipartisan proposal starting to move through the Florida Legislature.

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Should Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law be tweaked?  A bipartisan proposal that would make some changes to the controversial measure passed the Senate Judiciary Committee 7-2 during this legislative committee week.  But, the bill has its share of critics, including a powerful House member who could hold the key to its survival.

Capital Report: 10-11-2013

Oct 11, 2013

Should Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" law be tweaked?  A bill that would make some changes to the controversial measure was up for Senate debate during this legislative committee week.  But, as Sascha Cordner reports, the bill has its share of critics, including a powerful House member who holds the key to its survival.

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A bill that aims to clarify Florida’s Stand Your Ground law passed its first committee Tuesday. The Senate Judiciary Committee was initially set to consider two similar bills seeking to tweak the law.

Florida Senate

A state lawmaker seeking to make changes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law says he’s optimistic ahead of a hearing set to review his bill. It’s one of two bills a group of legislators are expected to take up in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning.

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Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, sentencing reforms, and re-entry programs for inmates are just a few areas on the agenda for the Legislature’s criminal justice committees during the upcoming Legislative session.

Florida Department of Corrections

A Jacksonville woman serving a 20-year prison sentence for trying to scare her husband with a gunshot is getting a new trial. The Marisa Alexander case has made national headlines as it stokes the debate over Florida’s mandatory-minimum-sentence laws.

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A widely-anticipated hearing on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law may have hit a bit of a snag.

Shalimar Republican Representative Matt Gaetz outlined plans Tuesday for the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee. It’s a committee he chairs and he says its main goal is holding a hearing on Stand Your Ground.

“Item number one is listed as number one because it’s the only project that Speaker Weatherford has given us and that is the application of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law,” said Gaetz.

The activist group Dream Defenders spent a month at the Capitol following George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin. It’s that action that’s causing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to want to amend security rules to ensure the seat of state government doesn’t have to deal with visitors for such extended periods of time. The proposal says citizens risk arrest if they don’t vacate the Capitol at five p.m. or thirty minutes after the adjournment of a public meeting. Dream Defender Director Phillip Agnew said that proposal violates taxpayers’ rights.

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The man who sponsored Florida’s Stand Your Ground law in the state House says he wants lawmakers to tread carefully as they examine the law, but he feels there should be some type of debate.

Amend Stand Your Ground?

Ocala Republican Representative Dennis Baxley says caution is key if lawmakers consider repealing the law or, in his words, “diminishing a valuable piece of legislation”…


Several Florida lawmakers are hoping to legislatively reignite the debate surrounding what should be done about the state’s Stand Your Ground law. Some hope to repeal the controversial law, while others say the law just needs some clarification. While those same measures never got a hearing this year, some lawmakers say the 2014 legislative session is the perfect time to have such a debate.

The September Hearing

Capital Report: 08-30-2013

Aug 30, 2013

A hastily-convened summit in Clearwater has education watchers cautiously optimistic that Florida’s varying education factions may have reached a consensus. Lynn Hatter reports The summit, convened by Governor Rick Scott, brought together state and local school officials, lawmakers, teachers  and others for and against school reform policies.

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An author of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is now hoping to set parameters that clarify the law. And, Altamonte Springs Republican David Simmons is also hoping to put guidelines in place for neighborhood watch programs across the state. The state senator helped write the bill in 2005.

"I believe that I am uniquely situated to deal with what I call 'tweaking improvement' on the Stand Your Ground law, having been the main drafter of it," said Simmons.

Florida Senate

As some lawmakers call on the Florida Legislature to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law, one Democratic lawmaker has filed a bill seeking to clarify the controversial law.

While a special session reviewing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law isn’t likely, one lawmaker hopes to start a discussion about the controversial law with a bill of his own. Tallahassee Democratic Representative Alan Williams has filed legislation to repeal the law.

It’s Williams’ second consecutive year filing the legislation, and he says his goal hasn’t changed.

Capital Report: 08-16-2013

Aug 19, 2013

Did the failure of a poll that could have triggered a special session lead to the Dream Defenders ending a month-long protest? Just how much support is there really for Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" Law? Sascha Cordner has the story.