Senator Nancy Detert

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The newest chairman of the committee that looks at children and elder affair issues is outlining some of his top priorities for the 2017 legislative session.

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A number of agency leaders honored Republican Senator Nancy Detert Wednesday. The Florida lawmaker is a well-known child advocate in the Florida Legislature.

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Governor Rick Scott has signed a number of measures into law, including one aimed at helping address Florida’s backlog of untested rape kits. It’s a major priority for Attorney General Pam Bondi.

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Among the many bills Governor Rick Scott signed into law last week is a measure expunging the criminal records of certain juvenile offenders.


A bill expunging the criminal records of certain minors when they become an adult has passed the full Florida Senate.

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The head of Florida’s child welfare system gained unanimous approval during his initial Senate confirmation hearing Thursday.

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The head of Florida’s child welfare agency says he’s still in the process of reforming the Florida Department of Children and Families and it’s going to take a lot of work. Florida lawmakers got that update in both the House and Senate this week.

Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice
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It’s been almost two years since a law took effect extending the age for foster care youth in the system. Florida lawmakers are now looking to build on that effort.

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A couple of measures aimed at helping Florida’s most vulnerable are now heading to the Senate floor, after passing their last committee Monday.

Republican Senator Nancy Detert is at odds with the libertarian leading Americans For Prosperity. The lobby group opposes Detert’s efforts to reign in film incentives, and says her proposal calling for projects to be ranked—doesn’t go far enough.


A pair of juvenile justice reform bills is continuing to gain traction in the Florida Legislature.

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A bill that would help identify guardians and guardian advocates for children with developmental disabilities aging out of foster care passed its first committees this week.

Gerry Glynn is the Chief Legal Officer for Community Based Care of North Florida. But, before that, he worked as a law professor and child advocate in 2009. In that role, Glynn says he chaired a committee reviewing the tragic death of a young man by the name of Regis Little.

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Florida’s foster kids may soon have an easier time obtaining a driver’s license and auto insurance. Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law aimed at doing just that Thursday.

Covering the cost of insurance is among the obstacles Guardian Ad Litem Executive Director Alan Abramowitz says Florida’s foster kids continually face in trying to learn to drive. And, he says the new law creating a three-year pilot program to help cover those costs will go a long way.


A bill regulating Florida’s parasailing industry and another helping foster kids obtain driver's licenses are among the measures now heading to Governor Rick Scott.

Parasail Bill

The measure—which never had a hearing for several years—got one this year, following a parasailing accident that happened in Senate President Don Gaetz’ district and received national attention.

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A new law aimed at helping those who would otherwise have aged out of Florida’s foster care system when they turn 18 is going well so far, but may still need some more work. That’s according to the state’s child welfare agency as well as some foster youth who are taking advantage of the programs under the new law.

It’s been barely a year since the “Nancy C. Detert Common Sense and Compassion Independent Living Act” got signed into law. And, it’s only been a few months since the law authored by Detert took effect.

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As Florida lawmakers work to extend funding for the state’s film incentive program, some researchers are calling the idea that targeted subsidies increase revenue an example of Hollywood magic.

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A charter school in Miami created two years ago through last minute maneuvering is getting a second look from lawmakers who aren’t comfortable with how the school is being run or how it was created.

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The Florida Senate has now put together several proposals aimed at overhauling Florida’s child welfare agency. The goal is to address the spate of child deaths taking place under the watch of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The bill makes several changes to DCF. They include creating a criminal offense for abandoning a child, seeking to improve child abuse investigators’ qualifications and making sure most new employees hired after January 1st of next year hold a degree in social work.

Florida's Guardian Ad Litem

A bill making it easier for foster kids to obtain a Florida driver’s license cleared its first Senate committee Tuesday.

Venice Republican Senator Nancy Detert says little by little, state lawmakers are making life easier for foster kids. Now, Detert wants to get rid of a roadblock she says has been causing problems for foster kids close to going out on their own.

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The Florida Golf Coalition and the PGA gave golf lessons to members of the House and Senate Thursday as part of Florida Golf Day at the Capitol. But before the lessons began, the FGC spoke with State Senator Nancy Detert (R-Venice) about 5 key points they had.

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Lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would clear the way for Floridians to shoot off more fireworks.

Danny Carpenter owns his own company, D and D Fireworks.  But since he’s open for just a few weeks in the summer and a couple days around New Year’s, he spends the rest of his time selling something else.

A bill allowing local governments across Florida to ban smoking on playgrounds passed its first Senate committee Thursday. But, some wonder about the bill’s true intention.

Speaking before the Senate Regulated Industries Committee Thursday, Fleming Island Republican Senator Rob Bradley outlined his smoking ban bill.

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Is Florida doing all it can to help unemployed people get back to work? Not everyone thinks so. At least one lawmaker says a skills assessment citizens are required to take before collecting benefits is doing more harm than good.

Sen. Nancy Detert (R-Venice) says she’s worried people applying for reemployment assistance might find the state’s test so frustrating they’d quit midway through or maybe never take the test at all.

“Are we spending millions to help people? Or are we spending millions just to annoy unemployed people,” Detert says.

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Each year, more than $100 million  in credit is fraudulently charged against Florida kids. The legislature is considering a bill that would block that by letting parents freeze theirs children’s identities.

Ashtavia Maddox was 18 when she left the foster care system and tried to move into her first apartment. But the complex denied her application. Then she tried to get a credit card, and finally a loan, but get couldn’t get either. Maddox says she eventually found out that’s because an identity thief had opened eight lines of credit in her name.

social security card
Social Security Administration

For the second year in a row, Florida lawmakers have filed a bill aimed at stopping scammers from stealing children’s identities. Law enforcement officers support the measure, Senate Bill 242, which would allow parents to freeze their kids’ credit records.

The bill’s being called the KIDS Act—that stands for Keeping ID Safe. It would allow parents to create a credit record for minors and freeze it without penalty.

The Senate sponsor,  Nancy Detert (R-Venice), says many parents aren’t aware of the risk.