school bus advertising

The first bill in the Florida House has been filed for the coming 2013 Legislative Session, and it’s a measure that’s been touted as “family and child friendly.”

Democratic Representative Irv Slosberg filed the bill that would let school districts sell ad space on their buses to certain companies.  He’s filed this measure before, and during the last Legislative Session, he told a House panel of lawmakers that the money from the sale is expected to offset costs for school districts.

Children waiting at the bus stop might soon be the target of advertising as yellow school buses plastered with ads from dairy queen, websites or even the local plumber pull up to the curb to take them to school. A bill making its way through the legislature would let public schools sell ad spots on the sides of their buses. The idea behind the measure is to provide schools with another avenue for generating revenue, but Regan McCarthy reports some worry about the message those ads might send to children.