Representative Perry Thurson

Florida House of Representatives

Florida legislative leaders are downplaying an article in London’s Guardian newspaper that says the state is in talks to expand Medicaid.  The article cites “secret negotiations,” but state officials say they’re not happening.

Florida House

Florida lawmakers are remembering their former fellow colleague, John Patrick Julien. The former South Florida legislator lost his battle with cancer Friday. Ocala Republican Representative Dennis Baxley worked with Julien when he was the ranking Democratic member on the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, a panel Baxley chaired. Speaking at the end of a recent committee hearing, Baxley mourned the loss of his friend.

Florida has until 2014 to implement some of the provisions in the Federal Affordable Care Act. Governor Rick Scott says the state won’t do it, but  some Florida lawmakers say it’s too early to start jumping to conclusions.

The Florida Supreme Court upheld most of the Federal Affordable Care Act, also called the healthcare overhaul law. But it left a few pieces up to the states, and Florida Governor Rick Scott said  he’s not implementing anything he can avoid.

“It’s very disappointing what the Supreme Court did. This is going to be devastating for patients," Scott said.