Kate Payne via WFSU

Southside Tallahassee residents are still worried about a proposal to build a new road through their neighborhoods. If city and county officials approve it, the street would be part of the Airport Gateway plan. A recent public meeting on the issue drew dozens of residents.

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Local officials are moving forward with a plan to redesign the site that once held Tallahassee’s old homeless shelter. But there are concerns about whether the area can sustain more retail and private homes.

Perspectives: Redevelopment In Tallahassee

Jul 25, 2014

It seems these days that everywhere you look there’s a road closed, an apartment complex going up, or a building being torn down. You may have also tripped over a broken sidewalk recently, or have been wondering what happened to the direct flights to Washington D.C from the Tallahassee airport. So what does all this mean for the state’s Capital City and its economy? And how much change are we expecting to see in the next few years?