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Advocates are happy about a new law on the books slated to take effect Saturday to help protect kids within Florida’s child welfare system.

Adrian Wyllie speaks with the Granstroms standing at his side.
Nick Evans

A group of Floridians is calling for changes to the family court system.

The sun beat down on the steps of the old Capitol building as rally organizers Tina and Ray Granstrom set up signs.  Mr. Granstrom is divorced and says the family court’s custody rulings keep him from an active role in his childrens’ lives.

“I’m not a visitor, I’m a loving father,” Granstrom says, “and yet the family court calls me a visitor.”

Libertarian candidate for governor, Adrian Wyllie joined the organizers.  He says family court punishes good parents unnecessarily.

A bill making its way through the Florida legislature would let parents sign up to get notices from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles when their kids get a traffic ticket. Regan McCarthy reports law makers even considered extending the proposal to tell employers when their workers are caught driving with a lead foot or rolling through a red light.

Senator Greg Evers says right now anybody can access anyone else’s driving record as long as they have certain information about that person like their date of birth.