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nuclear plant
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Duke Energy customers will get a break on their electric bills. A decision by the Public Service Commission will return $54 million the utility had charged consumers for a nuclear power project in Levy County.

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A Tallahassee lawmaker is pushing once again to repeal the state’s nuclear cost recovery clause.  State Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee) says she plans to file her repeal for the fifth time in a row. Rehwinkel Vasilinda says lawmakers have made changes to the rule in the past years in an attempt to quiet voters’ concerns. But so far, she says, that hasn’t worked.

“Now we still have consumer voices being very loud and talking about the fairness of the issue and how to make rates more fair,” Rehwinkel Vasilinda says.

South Florida Officials To Fight State's Nuclear Plant Expansion Approval

May 14, 2014
nuclear plant
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The city of Miami has vowed to appeal this week’s decision by Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his cabinet to approve building two nuclear reactors there. South Florida local government officials especially object to about 89 miles of transmission wires that would deliver the new power.

Florida Power and Light

The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to pull the plug on a rate hike settlement deal reached between the state’s largest utility and the state’s Public Service Commission. The case is very reminiscent of another Florida Supreme Court case from the 1970s.

Despite a few hang ups, the Florida House of Representatives passed a number of bills Wednesday including one that deals with what’s known as nuclear cost recovery. The measure is intended to put more rules in place for Florida utilities using the provision to pay for building nuclear power plants.

Floridians across the state are paying for nuclear power plants that some say may never be built. A state law let’s utilities charge customers for the plants before they even start construction, but now some are questioning the constitutionality of that measure

Four lawmakers have joined a lawsuit against the Florida’s nuclear cost recovery program. Regan McCarthy reports the bi-partisan group says the state’s law let’s utilities charge customers for nuclear power plants that might never get built.

A Senate Committee Monday rejected an attempt to block utilities from collecting money from customers for proposed nuclear power plants that may never be built.  James Call reports the move to repeal a 2006 law known as advanced nuclear cost recovery was made by New Port Richey Senator Mike Fasano who says the practice is unfair to consumers.