National Football league / Florida State University

During last weekend’s annual NFL draft nearly a dozen Florida State football players were snapped up by pro teams. With a couple FAMU players also getting a shot, Tallahassee schools could get more representation in the NFL.

Nick Evans

The NFL brings new players into the league each year through a seven round draft.  But before the draft, scouts, coaches, and other staff members get a couple of chances to meet and evaluate prospective players. Pro Day is one of the last of these events on the way to the draft, and Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher says it offers a unique opportunity for the players.

The National Football League and former Miami Dolphins star Nat Moore are calling on the Florida Senate to pass legislation that would protect high school athletes. James Call reports, the proposal would require high school athletes to have medical clearance before they could return to competition after suffering a concussion. 

The legislation also requires  coaches to remove any player from competition if there is suspicion the athlete has suffered a concussion.  House Sponsor Duval Rep. Ronald Renuart says blows to the head can lead to long-term problems for young athletes.