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A study linking Floridians’ seafood consumption, dolphins, and increased levels of mercury is leading researchers to say dolphins may be the key to identifying public health risks in humans.

On average, Floridians consume more seafood than the general U.S. population. And, human exposure to mercury tends to come from the consumption of fish and shellfish. Too much could become a health hazard.

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Florida environmental regulators want to set a standard for the maximum amount of mercury allowed in the state’s fish. Mercury contamination is a global problem, and officials with the state Department of Environmental Protection are holding public meetings to show that Florida needs to do its part to curb it.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection officials are traveling the state to talk about mercury in Florida’s waterways. The group plans to set a limit or a “total maximum daily load” for how much should be allowed, but a lot of the pollution is out of Florida’s control.

The department’s Jan Mandrup-Poulsen said the majority of the mercury in Florida’s water bodies doesn’t come from within the United States.