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The Florida Channel

Tempers were short. Emotions were high. Lawmakers were tired. A bad combination for a 96-page bill that included a strike-all amendment in it delivering Governor Rick Scott’s top priority: a sales tax exemption for manufacturers. The result: a testy exchange between Democrat Representative Jim Waldman and Republican Representative Carlos TrujiIlo:

“We invoked a constitutional privilege that’s there for both sides. It’s there to protect against what you are trying to do. It’s outrageous, improper, and in my opinion, boarders on unethical," Waldman said

The Florida Channel

House Speaker Will Weatherford is defending the House vote on a manufacturing tax exemption. The measure passed the chamber on a 68-48 vote, but Democrats say that House vote may have violated Florida’s Constitution.

At issue is whether the manufacturing tax exemption needed two-thirds support of the House to pass. Democrats seem to think it did, and had the numbers to block it. They and four Republicans sided against the tax exemption. But House Speaker Will Weatherford says he’s confident the vote will stand.

Chris O'Meara / The Associated Press

The Florida House ended a second day of political wrangling between Democrats and Republicans with neither side smiling at the end.

Democrats continued their protest of the House Majority’s refusal to take up a bill accepting $51 billion in federal Medicaid money to expand insurance coverage to an additional one million low-income Floridians.

The chamber continued reading bills aloud word-for-word with the computer software “Mary” the House’s Auto Reader who, in two days, has become a breakout star with more than 614 followers on twitter since arriving to the site…Tuesday.

A bill that makes it easier for manufacturers to get a sales tax exemption has started moving in the Florida House. Supporters of the change say it will create high-paying jobs, but some lawmakers are worried about taking away tax revenue.